“The Estonian Allergy Association recognizes” the statute of the use of the markt.

The mark is awarded to products that are safe, reliable, do not contain allergenic fragrances or general irritants or sensitizing substances and their concentrations, and are suitable for people with sensitive skin or who suffer from allergic diseases. The use of the mark on products that have not been authorized by EAL (signed a cooperation agreement) is prohibited. If the misuse of the mark is deliberately misleading, EAL will place a notice on its website. Also, the mark may not be used if the cooperation agreement between EAL and the mark user has ended.
The label is awarded to a product that has been impartially tested and found to be safe and reliable. The submitter must pay 10 (ten) euros for evaluating the suitability of the ingredients of one submitted product. As a rule, the application for the use of the mark will be answered within one calendar month.
In the application for the use of the mark, the company/enterprise data must be provided, as well as a detailed description of the product, certificates regarding ingredients, purity, independent studies, prototypes, materials and technical characteristics, and suitability for allergy sufferers. If the product meets the required criteria based on the verification of the submitted documents (with samples), the product will be assigned a mark, the use of which is confirmed by the signed cooperation agreement, and the applicant will be given a working file of the mark “EESTI ALLERGIALIIT TUNNUSTAB”. As a rule, the validity of the contract for a new product is one calendar year, and the fee for the use of the mark is determined according to the turnover of the approved product or an agreement between the parties. The recognized product(s) should be equipped with the label “EESTI ALLERGIALITI TUNNUSTAB” on the company’s website.
When using the mark, their printing technical implementation and print, information or advertising material, etc. quality to be impeccable.
If the cooperation agreement concluded between EAL and the company/enterprise has ended and the company continues to use the mark, the company must pay EAL the contractual penalty specified in the cooperation agreement for misuse of the mark.

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